This blog is an exercise in reducing complicated scientific and mathematical concepts to something easily understandable and less complicated, while preserving their essence and scientific significance. Simultaneously it is, however, also an exercise in the complete opposite; namely in translating simple logical truths into a more complicated form of a natural language. This two-way movement of complicated into simple and vice versa will hopefully highlight that logic, mathematics and fundamental physics are not as disconnected from our everyday life as one could initially assume.

I study mathematics at the University of Edinburgh, with a particular interest and emphasis on theoretical and mathematical physics. This summer I am undertaking an undergraduate research project in quantum logic and set theory supervised by Chris Heunen from the School of Informatics and financially supported by the London Mathematical Society. As a part of the project, I will be writing this blog, which will reflect the themes covered by the project.

I will try to assume as little background knowledge in logic, mathematics or physics as possible. I hope, however, that you will find this overview of some of the most fundamental concepts in mathematics and physics interesting and worth reading through. Maybe by the end of the day you will even be as excited about logic as I am!

Leo Lobski, June 2017

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